3 High-Definition Video Poker Games You Should Be Playing

Jun 30, 2019 Video Poker
3 high definition video poker - 3 High-Definition Video Poker Games You Should Be Playing

3 High-Definition Video Poker Games You Should Be Playing

Our blog Video Edge has already covered why NetEnt is the absolute best casino developer in providing top-notch high definition, graphics, animations and gameplay across all its games, but especially the video poker collection.

Now, we want to get into three of those fantastic NetEnt video poker games and teach you how they work while taking a look at the main features.

Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better is the most popular and beloved variant of video poker. The goal is for the gamblers to make up one of the qualifying hands that are listed in the pay table. If you’re lucky enough to win after your draw, you may choose to lay your payouts on the last hand and get the chance to double them by predicting the color of a particular suit.

You need to be really careful with this extra feature, though. If your guess is not correct you will lose the winnings from the last hand. The incredibly intuitive interface NetEnt provides makes this game very easy to play.

Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild is also a very important part of NetEnt’s body of video poker games. Just like the game of Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild uses a full deck of 52 cards. There are no jokers, however, the 2s of all four suites, or the deuces from which the game takes its name, are used as wild cards.

This is a rather unique deviation from the rules of the conventional video poker games and it works for the benefit of the gambler. Because the deuces act as wild cards and can substitute other cards, the probability of getting a full winning combination increases.

Therefore, Deuces Wild presents some subtle differences in terms of the hands that are qualifiable for a payout. The first place in the pay table is still occupied by the Royal Flush but the second is not the traditional Straight Flush.

It’s now the set of four deuces. This adjustment also changes the winning combinations at the third, fourth and last spots in the chart.

All American Poker

Among all the amazing graphics in NetEnt games that we keep emphasizing, All American Poker is especially known for its engaging array of animations depicting an agglomerate of elements from American culture.

You will immediately notice the US flag flapping in the upper left of the screen.

All American Poker is very similar to the game of Jacks and Better since both the rules for playing and hand rankings are the same between the two variants. To be able to collect a payout, you need to form a minimum of one pair of jacks or higher.

If you bet the maximum, the highest hand, which is naturally the Royal Flush, you can get a jackpot of up to 4,000 coins. The NetEnt version of the game is the one that offers the biggest payments.

Anyone who calls themselves a video poker enthusiast should be playing these games now. They’re the best of the best. The state-of-the-art high definition features will give you the most realistic gambling experience ever.