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We are so happy to welcome you to Video Edge. Whether you play video poker online or in land-based casinos, stick around because we have the absolute best information for you and reports on the latest cutting-edge trends.

Otherwise, our motto wouldn’t be “cutting-edge video poker”. Take a look at our content plan for the next few months:

Helpful facts and figures

With the proliferation of online video poker games and the growing interest around them, it’s only natural that the most devoted enthusiasts try to dig deep and research the best strategies and useful tips.

Luckily for us, many incredibly insightful infographics revolving around the topics of video poker are now everywhere around the web. We collected some of the most interesting and essential facts and figures that you may not know about.

Virtual reality video poker

Yes, you read that right. Over the last few years, virtual reality advancements have moved at such an epic pace that it’s almost humanly impossible to keep up. Now, virtual reality is entering deeper into the world of casinos.

With a simple headset, gamblers can now play in an ultrarealistic simulated set and engage with their virtual fellow players. We bring you some of the top facts about this evolution and the trends for the future.

The best casino software provider

NetEnt has long been considered by a huge number of gamblers as the ultimate casino software developer.

Video Edge will cover how NetEnt’s impressive graphics, animations, high definition and gameplay have been making the company stay many steps ahead of the competitors in the world of video poker and all other casino games.

The award winner for the best online casino operator

At the International Gaming Awards that took place last February, the online casino Casumo won the prize for the best online casino operator. As a video poker enthusiast, you should learn about this fabulous platform as soon as possible.

The collection of video poker games is something to be admired, both in terms of quantity and quality. But what makes Casumo such a great online casino? Get ready, because we will tell you all about it in detail.

The three best video poker games

We have mentioned the amazing games that NetEnt designs and develops. So, it is only fitting that we bring you all the info you need to play NetEnt’s three best video poker games. They are much likely the three best on the entire web.

How could you miss all of this?