New Released Hero in DOTA 2: Skywrath Mage

Oct 19, 2022 Video Games & Betting

New Released Hero in DOTA 2: Skywrath Mage


rsz dota 2 - New Released Hero in DOTA 2: Skywrath Mage

DOTA 2 has just introduced its newest hero. Skywrath Mage, the avian wonder. This may be one of the best nukers that could be seen in DOTA 2.


Abilities of Skywrath Mage


Q: The Arcane Bolt, 1.6 times his Intelligence stat in additional damage, is added when a lot of damage is dealt to a single target.


W: The Concussive shot, seeks out the closest enemy hero while damaging, slowing, and damaging nearby targets with splash damage.


E: The Ancient Seal, deals no damage, yet silences the adversary in the target and raises the target’s magic damage.


R: The Mystic Flare, the Coup de Grace of Skywrath Mage. The heavy damage is evenly distributed over all the enemies.


Strengths and Weakness


The strength of Skywrath Mage deals damage which ensures nobody can’t deal it back. He can do a lot of damage to the enemy with his E and Ultimate combined. His Q has a strong punch at the end of the game.


Meanwhile, the weakness of the hero is being an Int Hero, as he can’t take much damage from early to midgame.

Acquire a good quantity of Int and mana on him, as of its high mana costs.