Are Video Games the New Casino?

May 29, 2024 Video Games & Betting

Are Video Games the New Casino?

The incorporation of gambling mechanics into video games has long been a topic of fascination. There is a fine line between having fun and betting with features like loot boxes that give out random rewards and in-game currencies that can be bought with real money. Is it getting more and more like playing a casino in disguise?

Loot Boxes: Valuable Item or a Deceptive Gamble?

Random in-game objects, such as skins for characters or weapons, can be found in virtual treasure chests called loot boxes. Not all of them have functional benefits; some are merely aesthetically pleasing. For kids who don’t yet understand their practical worth, the element of chance makes them seem like gambling.

Esports Betting’s Surging Popularity

video games as gambling - Are Video Games the New Casino?One example is the meteoric rise of esports, or competitive video gaming. Esports betting has also grown in popularity with the rise of professional leagues and large prize pools. Bettors here do what they would in a more conventional sportsbook: they stake on the results of games. This makes me nervous, especially regarding the possibility of match-fixing and the influence gambling could have on young spectators.


A difficult problem arises when gambling and video games come together. Some say it’s just harmless entertainment, while others are concerned about the possibility of abuse and addiction, particularly among younger players. To keep video games from becoming a gateway to real-world gambling, rules and parental monitoring are vital as the business changes.