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From Hype to Reality: How Does the Transition to 4K/UHD Really Affect Your Business?

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It’s no surprise that a sizable majority of video production professionals believe that 4K/Ultra High Definition technologies will have a big impact on the video entertainment industry.
But how big? Where do you stand as this rollout continues to roll? And are you falling behind the curve when it comes to choosing, purchasing and integrating 4K technologies into your workflow?  If so, what steps should you be taking next?
A TV Technology survey, sponsored by Quantum, had some enlightening insight on these and other questions, including:
-       What are the primary motivations for adopting 4K/UHD technology?
-       How extensively have your competitors integrated 4K/UHD technology?
-       Which steps along internal workflows have been quickest to migrate to 4K/UHD? Which have lagged behind?
-       How does adoption of 4K/UHD technology impact product purchases and upgrades down the line?
-       How will your current workflow and archiving solutions handle these 4K/UHD files? Join TV Technology Editor-in-Chief Tom Butts, and a panel of industry leaders, as they present an in-depth look into the state of the industry’s transition to 4K/UHD..

Date : Thu. Dec 01, 2016 2:00 PM


Wes Simpson

Research Consultant, TV Technology

Janet Lafleur

Sr Manager, StorNext Product Marketing, Quantum


Tom Butts

Editor-in-Chief, TV Technology