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2016 NAB Show Preview: The Future Is Now

These are the emerging technologies that will impact our industry. 4/08/2016 12:45 PM Eastern
Ken Schneider with SAM’s Kahuna production switcher at last year’s NAB Show. Photo by Al Powers.

We asked a selection of 2016 NAB Show exhibitors to analyze new means of video production, delivery and consumption. The companies we surveyed also anticipated what technology developments will be discussed at the show and trending in exhibitor booths.

Accelerated Media Technologies (AMT)

“This year’s NAB looks to be trending towards more functional and cost-effective IP-based solutions across the spectrum of broadcast. The traditional news van is giving way to the news SUV. We are outfitting Ford Explorers, Chevy Tahoes and even four-door Jeep Wranglers more and more as the main news vehicles for TV stations. All these builds require forward-thinking ways to connect not just the vehicle to the station but the station to the vehicle.

Steve DeFala

“As IP-based technology begins to tighten its grip on our industry, we are approaching the extinction of the BNC connector, with the RJ45 connector working its way to the top of the mountain. With that comes the requirement for IP-based products—such as our ENGenesis LTE ENG system, which is built entirely on an IP platform. ENGenesis allows you to function in your own private network using LTE technology in the 2/7 GHz BAS bands. New in ENGenesis for NAB 2016 is a dynamic user interface for full system control and field asset management, plus the “NewsNode” integrated encoding/decoding/IFB mobile unit and controller. The NewsNode controller aids in shot acquisition, encoder/decoder management and mobile side system communication. We are also introducing the ENGenesis Media Gateway, which gives broadcasters and enterprises a scalable and cost-effective solution to distribute high-quality, low-latency video over the public Internet to multiple locations around the world.”

— Steve DeFala, Director of Sales, Accelerated Media Technologies

Booth OE1309

AJA Video Systems

“As we head into NAB 2016, the industry faces a host of challenges—whether figuring out how to transmit signals across long distances, combining multiple signals along a single channel path or achieving multichannel density for the growing needs of OB. We’re seeing new standards and protocols emerge to streamline these tasks, and industry pros are beginning to embrace IP as the future. Throughout NAB, expect to see AJA and other technology partners involved in the AIMS Alliance and ASPEN community—industry organizations working to promote the best approaches to open-standards compatibility in IP—come forth with new solutions that improve efficiency and offer future-proofing.

Bryce Button

“This year, AJA has several surprises in store for the show, including new solutions that answer the emerging needs of customers in production, postproduction, broadcast and pro A/V. We’re also planning to offer customers new ways of working, and simplify the integration of new formats into existing technology infrastructure with important updates to our family of KONA and Io products, as well as new developments for our I/O devices, converters, recorders and cameras. Visitors to our stand and partner stands will be able to check out a unique range of workflows illustrating our technology working alone and together with other industry-leading tools.”

— Bryce Button, Product Marketing Manager, AJA Video Systems

Booth SL2505


John Bishop

“In addition to several OTT-related product and service announcements at NAB, we’re allowing attendees to quite literally walk through a live, 4K OTT workflow, from acquisition to playback, right in Akamai’s booth (SL3325). We’re capturing content on the show floor; ingesting it into the cloud for transcoding, ABR packaging and delivery; monitoring the stream in real time to ensure the highest possible quality; and playing it back in a living room environment on multiple devices. The business requirement and consumer appetite for more video at higher quality is driving the demand for viewing experiences that exceed those of traditional cable and broadcast. Akamai’s NAB demonstrations will show how content providers can meet these rising expectations efficiently and at scale.”

— John Bishop, CTO, Media, Akamai

Booth SL3325


Matt Smith

“This is perhaps the most exciting NAB in history for Anvato. First, we are announcing our support for a rapidly growing immersive viewing experience with 360° video. Anvato Media Content Platform (MCP) can now process 360° content shot by our customers with no additional processing time, additional equipment or separate workflow steps. Second, we’re excited to help broadcasters of all sizes find a new outlet for the thousands of hours of video they shoot via OTT. Content that was shot as part of a news package, documentary or even episodic content can go on to reside in a new platform via an over-the-top channel and streams. Finally, we are also seeing OTT services growing as a real profit center via dynamic ad insertion (DAI) and ad replacement. While defeating ad blockers, our technology is enabling programmers, broadcasters and service providers with a proven and scalable product and platform through which they can generate revenue around their OTT services, apps and offerings.”

— Matt Smith, Chief Evangelist, Anvato

Booth SU9506CM


Mark Donnigan

“NAB is a pivotal show for Beamr because it brings together our major customers under one roof, where we can discuss their initiatives and priorities in the area of video encoding and media optimization. This year’s show will be our most impactful, as we are on the heels of our announcement of the acquisition of Vanguard Video, a leader in H.264 and H.265 encoding solutions and a provider of core technology to major players in the media and entertainment, broadcast, pay TV and OTT segments. Attendees to the Beamr and Vanguard booths will see demonstrations of impressive complimentary capabilities. Beamr as the undisputed leader in content adaptive optimization technology, and Vanguard as a preeminent video encoding solutions provider. With a combined force of more than 80 employees, most of whom are intensely engaged in R&D to advance the state of the art for HEVC and AVC video encoding, Beamr represents the most capable independent encoding company in the market. We invite you to discover firsthand why many of the great online video platforms, cable companies, OTT distributors, encoder manufacturers and Hollywood studios rely on Beamr and Vanguard to deliver unmatched quality at a given bit rate.”

— Mark Donnigan, Vice President Sales and Market Development, Beamr

Booth SU11902CM

Blackmagic Design

Dan May

“4K has been in the spotlight for several years now, and more areas of the industry, such as broadcast, streaming and AV, among others, are taking advantage of affordable and professional technologies, making 4K a viable option for them now. The technologies that end users are investing in need to be scalable, as well as have the right infrastructure, with 6G-SDI, 12G-SDI, Thunderbolt 2 and optical fiber. With 6G-SDI and 12G-SDI, SD, HD and Ultra HD video can be sent down a single BNC cable, and different television rates can be switched on the same BNC connector. Optical fiber accommodates longer runs, which is especially beneficial in large venues. Having the right infrastructure in place from the get-go ensures end users have high bandwidth, can future-proof their investments and fully prepare themselves for the future of broadcasting and streaming. Also, quality matters regardless of the viewer’s display and screen resolution, so any noise or impurities can create unnecessary processing by the codecs creating the streaming signals. By relying on 6G-SDI, 12G-SDI and optical fiber connectivity, end users can help prevent this and ensure cleaner images for high quality results.”

— Dan May, President, Blackmagic Design

Booth SL217


Anil Jain

“Brightcove is excited to showcase a number of innovative new solutions at NAB this year, all toward the goal of helping broadcasters drive audience reach and revenue. As the highly competitive OTT market continues to grow, we look forward to speaking with broadcasters about how our solutions will help them get to market quickly and unlock new revenue streams. Additionally, we’re working directly with NAB to live stream this year’s event again, providing both attendees and those unable to attend the ability to see keynotes and panel sessions and benefit from the great insights NAB will provide.”

— Anil Jain, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Media, Brightcove

Booth SU8516


Jacques Le Mancq

“As the IPTV, cable and OTT worlds converge, it becomes essential for today’s video operators to partner with a CDN technology and server provider that offers unified solutions addressing their requirements for network optimization and monetization. Content providers are a part of the changing video world too, as they look to deliver higher-quality content, such as 4K, for both live and VOD services and gain more control over the delivery of their video content. NAB is evolving towards this convergence, bringing together content providers and operators. During the 2016 NAB Show, Broadpeak will highlight solutions for these markets, demonstrating how they can work together to deliver video content anytime, anywhere, on any device, and over any network in the most affordable way possible while providing a superior quality of experience to customers. We’re encouraging attendees to stop by the booth to see our latest innovations, including a new video delivery technology that improves video browsing on tablets and smartphones, as well as the availability of nanoCDN v1.3 running on a variety of 4K STBs for multicast ABR delivery.”

— Jacques Le Mancq, CEO, Broadpeak

Booth SU10402CM

BroadStream Solutions

Herbert Brenninkmeijer

“It’s understandable that broadcasters and playout providers are cautious about investing in an entirely new IP infrastructure, considering how many varying IP standards are being presented to the industry at the moment. Whether a customer is working with existing baseband hardware, partly replacing SDI with IP processes, or providing a complete IP solution for future cloud-based playout, we’re offering playout providers choice and flexibility. With our SDI/IP hybrid solution, we will be able to support our customers all the way through their transition to IP at their own pace—before, during and afterwards, using the same platform.”

— Herbert Brenninkmeijer, CEO, BroadStream Solutions

Booth N6315


Johan Apel

“The migration to IP is top of mind for many broadcast operations, but so far the focus has been mostly on standards for video transmission over Ethernet connections. We believe that the IP migration is about much more than replacing a cable; it requires a completely integrated, end-to-end, software-based approach that leverages standard IT equipment and infrastructure. At ChyronHego, we’ve channeled a strong development effort into making sure all of our solutions are integrated to power complete software-based workflows. Those workflows are ChyronHego’s central focus and our main theme at this year’s NAB Show.” 

— Johan Apel, President and CEO, ChyronHego

Booth SL1210


“With 100,000+ media and entertainment professionals descending on Las Vegas in a few weeks and with key hot topics around IP video production in broadcast and virtual reality video production, it is a great time for Comprimato to be exhibiting at NAB. This is our inaugural show and we look forward to interesting discussions with broadcasters and the wider cohort from the media and entertainment industry about their ever-changing business strategies. Additionally, we look forward to further collaborations with vendors looking to harness the power of our unique JPEG2000 software codec.

Jiri Matela

“For those who don’t know Comprimato, we develop the fastest standards-compliant JPEG2000 software encoder and decoder, enabling faster-than-real-time compression in video processing devices. Comprimato’s unique JPEG2000 software codec, which will be showcased at this year’s NAB, leverages the supercomputing power of GPUs and CPUs to speed up video and image compression. Comprimato’s codec helps save infrastructure costs by 70 percent, while reducing development cycles by 50 percent and enabling new revenue streams such as Ultra HD video in real time, and high dynamic range (HDR) and high frame rate (HFR) video.”

— Jiri Matela, Co-Founder and CEO, Comprimato

Booth SU13305


Chris Crump

“This year at NAB, we’re expecting a conference-wide focus on drones, apps, IP, millennials and social media. It’s my guess that we’ll see these subjects highlighted throughout the conference, in a variety of industries. As for Comrex, our LiveShot video codecs will certainly be center stage, but we will also unveil a new VoIP telephone hybrid, the VH2. We’ll also be showcasing our audio codecs, ACCESS and BRIC-Link II, which have benefited from technology developed for our LiveShot codecs. The new 4.0 firmware for ACCESS and BRIC-Link now features the same CrossLock Technology found in LiveShot.”

— Chris Crump, CBNE, Senior Director of Sales, Comrex

Booth C1633


Craig Moffat

“4K has been an emerging trend in the video industry for the past couple of years. Many camera manufacturers at NAB have been introducing 4K cameras to the market. Producers have been purchasing 4K cameras even though they can’t use them in a live production setup. Currently, a 4K workflow has only been used in postproduction, since you can’t stream or broadcast in 4K. At the NAB 2016 show, Datavideo is introducing the KMU-100, the first 4K solution for live production. KMU-100 is a unique 4K multicamera production solution that delivers multiple virtual full HD (up to 1080p) scaled camera angles. The concept is straightforward—the output of a single 4K/UHD camera is connected to KMU-100, which then displays up to four 16x9 user-defined cropped windows that are sent out as four separate HD signals through HD-SDI. These user-defined windows can be scaled to zoom in on a particular subject that you would like to highlight on the 4K signal. An additional 4K camera could be connected to allow up to eight defined outputs from the two 4K signals. Imagine how convenient it would be to set up a live video production for concerts, press conferences, sporting events or a worship service. No camera operator is needed and there is minimal setup time. This is a real game-changer for live video producers. Finally, it is now viable to use a 4K camera in live multicamera production.”

— Craig Moffat, U.S. Managing Director, Datavideo

Booth SL8011


Brian Cram

“We are widely seen as an innovator in cloud-managed solutions that simplify the transport of live video across challenging IP networks. At NAB Show this year, our focus will be on how this remarkable technology can be implemented in the real day-to-day business of gathering news and covering live events from remote locations. The industry has heard vague talk about ‘IP’ and ‘the cloud’ over the last few years and what it means for broadcasters. We are demonstrating how we have made these concepts reality by providing broadcasters with the tools that help them do their jobs better, faster, more cost-effectively, and without compromising quality and immediacy. We will also be showing—through our partnership with Grass Valley—how our technologies can be integrated with other innovators to create best-of-breed solutions that are desired by broadcasters.”

— Brian Cram, CEO, Dejero

Booth N2918

Digital Nirvana

“We’re very enthusiastic about this year’s NAB. We’ve got real media management solutions to the issues broadcasters have been concerned about. They’re transitioning to an IP environment and, at the same time, leveraging the cloud. Cloud-enabled storage and distribution that runs on Amazon EC2 instances or similar virtual machines with access through a user-friendly web interface will be the standard workflow model for broadcasters in several years.

“With our IP-based recording, monitoring and distribution solutions, we can help customers transition smoothly from an SDI- to an IP-based operation.

Hiren Hindocha

“At NAB, we’ll showcase a number of new technologies, including a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) model of compliance recording for online programming; closed captioning services for broadcast and online videos for all technology platforms; CAR/TS transport stream digital recorder for real-time transport stream monitoring; and the latest version of our MonitorIQ media management platform.

“It’s our vision to expand our offerings beyond traditional broadcast media, offering powerful tools to help our customers monitor and manage any type of media in the entire ecosystem.”

— Hiren Hindocha, CEO, Digital Nirvana

Booth SU10410


Laszlo Zoltan

“The NAB show is unique. It’s the only trade show I know of where people brag about how many times they’ve attended. This year, DVEO adds to the excitement with a bigger booth for our numerous products. 2016 promises to be an exciting year for the industry, as 4K/Ultra HD moves into the mainstream. Our new 4K encoder, the iCandy, delivers pristine 4K video. The iCandy features the commercially desirable H.264 encoder and streamer with 6G-SDI input and ASI and IP output, plus a matching decoder with ASI and IP input and 6G-SDI output. It includes a second encoder that supports lower profiles for quick distribution to mobile devices. Another significant development is the instant availability of H.265/HEVC (the widely anticipated codec designed to replace H.264) as a new option on our popular Gearbox and Brutus transcoders, and on the MultiStreamer family of streaming encoders. Existing and future DVEO customers can now switch some streams to H.265 when they wish. DVEO is now one of the faster-growing software transcoding companies that has not been acquired by public companies. Come visit us at Booth SU5724. Look for the people in the colorful Hawaiian shirts.”

— Laszlo Zoltan, Vice President, DVEO

Booth SU5724

Greggory Heil

“We are now seeing executive-level mandates from media and entertainment companies prohibiting the purchase of on-premise, purpose-built media processing hardware or appliances. The go-forward strategy is to rapidly shift media processing functions to cloud-based services. Having been the leader in cloud-based job orchestration of file-based workflows for nearly eight years, adding live services uniquely positions as having a mature and trusted service to cover a broad suite of both file and live workflows in 10 data centers across six continents. We’ve already received a tremendous response to our new live event and linear product line and expect the addition of live services to accelerate the overall migration of enterprise media processing to the cloud.”

— Greggory Heil, CEO,

Booth N315MR


“We anticipate that the three most significant technology trends at the NAB Show this year will be uncompressed video over IP, Ultra HD (4K) HDR, and cloud services. With uncompressed video over IP, the discussion will be focused on the varying options that are available and what makes sense today. Throughout the Evertz booth this year, we will be highlighting Adaptive Sample Picture Encapsulation (ASPEN) and its interoperability with members of the ASPEN Community. ASPEN is an open-format, standards-based transport protocol that offers a flexible method of transporting video, audio and data over a scalable IP network. Based on previous deployments and the maturity of the technology, we believe that ASPEN is the only viable choice to deploy IP in the live production environment today.

Mo Goyal

“This year, there will be more conversations around cloud services and the viability of it for our customers. Both public and private cloud services offer customers a way to provide content more effectively without the large capital expenditures in a physical infrastructure. We expect a lot of interest in this space, as customers have started to launch mainstream channels using cloud-based services.”

— Mo Goyal, Director, Product Marketing, Evertz

Booth N1502

Grass Valley

Marco Lopez

“Broadcasters are all looking at IP technology to see how they can leverage the flexibility and agility to improve workflows and exploit new business opportunities. IP is well established in data centers, where it delivers high data rates, wide bandwidth and a system that’s both format-agnostic and scalable for whatever the future brings. We’re delivering these same benefits for broadcasters with our Broadcast Data Center—one that employs IP and adds vertically accurate switching, extremely low latency and, most important, supports live production. It’s important at these events to not only show off what’s new, but also to help attendees find the solutions they need today to keep their businesses running smoothly while laying the groundwork for changes that are on the horizon.”

— Marco Lopez, President, Grass Valley

Booth SL106


“Today’s content and service providers are navigating a complex web of video delivery workflows. Maintaining a competitive edge in the broadcast and multiscreen services markets is challenging and requires advanced video delivery infrastructure solutions. With Harmonic and Thomson Video Networks now one, at the 2016 NAB Show we will present a unified solutions offering, with innovation like never before. We invite attendees to stop by booth SU1210 for a demonstration of the must-have technologies that content and service providers need to deploy lower cost, more flexible video infrastructures, increase workflow efficiency, deliver pristine video quality, and quickly launch new revenue-generating services with the industry’s lowest TCO. Key highlights at the booth will include Ultra HD with HDR technology (both HDR-10 and HLG); our VOS platform that can be accessed over private and public clouds; an expanded contribution portfolio with MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC and Ultra HD HEVC support; and MediaGrid 4000 shared storage, offering the industry’s highest density—up to 504 TB of raw capacity in 5 RU.

Peter Alexander

“With Harmonic, our customers can be even more agile and offer subscribers a truly amazing viewing experience, with award-winning video quality at the lowest bit rates.”

— Peter Alexander, CMO, Harmonic

Booth SU1210

Imagine Communications

Charlie Vogt

“The media and entertainment industry continues to evolve at warp speed. From virtual reality to new TV Everywhere services, media companies are looking to deploy the latest technologies while taking advantage of their existing infrastructures and investments. 2016 is the year when media companies of all sizes and types can chart a course to transition operations to more agile and versatile environments and more effectively capture monetization opportunities. At the NAB Show, attendees will see more innovation than ever before. Visitors to Imagine Communications’ booth will have access to dozens of demonstrations that highlight our latest solutions in hybrid infrastructure, compression and transcoding, monitoring and management, playout, cloud DVR and dynamic ad insertion, as well as ad management. These solutions are future-proofed, standards-based and aligned with the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) roadmap. We will also be demonstrating the depth and breadth of 4K/UHD and HDR capabilities across our entire networking and playout platforms.”

— Charlie Vogt, CEO, Imagine Communications

Booth N2502

Limelight Networks

Jason Thibeault

“Video is on the tip of everyone’s tongue—Cisco predicts that video will dominate Internet traffic in just a few years, Facebook has launched their integrated live video streaming, Periscope and Meerkat continue to capture attention, and OTT offerings are driving more cord-cutting. But nothing about video has captured our attention more than VR is doing now. As the race to market brings countless headsets and technology, content creators—from game developers to film studios—are scrambling to meet the perceived pent-up demand, which may make NAB 2016 a veritable who’s-who in the VR industry, a showcase for the amazing technology. Only don’t think for a minute that NAB will just be about VR. The broadcast industry is still wrestling with the transition to IP, a battle is forming around UHD and HDR, and everyone, it seems, is looking for a way to distribute online video. If nothing else, this year’s NAB promises to be an exciting look into the changing video landscape.”

— Jason Thibeault, Senior Director, Content Marketing, Limelight Networks

Booth SU12024MR


Avi Cohen

“It’s becoming clear that the development and deployment of IP-based infrastructure on the production side is only going to increase as we move forward. This is based on tech advancements and viewing preferences changing the way live media content is created and shared. Ten years ago, we drove the first IP revolution in broadcasting with cellular bonding, which enabled live video transmission from anywhere, replacing satellite trucks with a cost-effective and flexible mobile backpack solution. Since then, the adoption of IP-based workflow in broadcasting has grown tremendously and we continue to be at the forefront of this tech evolution. Utilizing an IP-based workflow is just the first step in differentiating your content and engaging with audiences in unique and dynamic ways. With our new hardware and software solutions, we’re transforming the way broadcasters and online video content creators produce, integrate and share high-quality streaming content. As the world moves to 4K, we’re presenting a comprehensive solution for covering live sports, breaking news and other events using the most technologically advanced transmission standards in the market. We believe that there is huge potential for this solution worldwide, especially with the adoption of 4K gathering speed. NAB attendees will get a firsthand look at the technology organizations need to not only distribute content but create and manage high-quality content.”

— Avi Cohen, Co-Founder, LiveU

Booth C1717

Matrox Video

“Three years ago at the NAB Show, Matrox expanded into the webcasting market with Monarch HD, a small video streaming and recording device designed for professional video producers. Its immediate success among event producers, medical facilities, CDNs, educational institutions, houses of worship, corporate communicators and legal videographers led us to the conclusion that there is a real need for affordable streaming and recording appliances that are simple to set up and easy to operate by even non-technical users. Last year we introduced Monarch HDX to provide even more workflow flexibility, particularly in broadcast environments.

Dan Maloney

“Another trend is this area is the desire on the part of network- or cloud-based video management platform developers and A/V integrators to create customizable user experiences. Our dev tools include automatic configuration methods and simple HTTP-based control APIs to make it easy for them. We also offer a control module for Crestron room media controllers and a Ross Video Dashboard control system.

“This year we’ll be taking the Monarch line another step further to offer a purpose-built appliance that will be of particular interest to IT and AV administrators in high schools, colleges and universities.”

— Dan Maloney, Technical Marketing Manager, Matrox Video

Booth SL6317

Media Excel

“Increasingly, more consumers worldwide are looking to experience Ultra HD, but operators struggle to obtain access to Ultra HD content in order to sustain a true 24x7 Ultra HD service. To address the Ultra HD content scarcity, operators seek solutions to utilize existing Full HD footage or produce linear Ultra HD services by combining Ultra HD live, recorded and VOD content. Media Excel’s HERO 4K product line includes recording, encoding, upconversion and playout solutions that enable operators to reliably deliver 24x7 Ultra HD services despite the limited availability of native Ultra HD content.

Jongil Kim

“Further, technologies such as Ultra HD and virtual reality are already dominating our industry’s media outlets. Both require substantial amounts of processing power and bandwidth to prepare, deliver and experience. Operators seek ways to take advantage of those trends without reinventing their workflows and without impacting their current operations. Media Excel’s HERO Clone technology enables operators to set up innovative services with workflows on virtualized or cloud architectures by combining such resources into an agile solution that delivers pristine-quality real-time or on-demand video.”

— Jongil Kim, CEO, Media ExcelBooth SU7916


Kumar Subramanian

“Streaming over the Internet (OTT) represents huge opportunities for content distributors interested in reaching consumers across various screens and devices, and at MediaMelon we are excited about the future of mobile video, and new advances such as 4K and HDR. At NAB, we are featuring MediaMelon QBR content-aware streaming technology, which enables streaming in better visual quality, without having to change the video format or codecs and while consuming less bandwidth. This ability to stream in premium quality, while containing streaming costs, is a key competitive advantage for content distributors and TV Everywhere service providers in attracting and retaining consumers. And it is particularly valuable for streaming in HD/4K, where consistent bandwidth is not always available. With MediaMelon QBR, they can reach out to more subscribers—in great and consistent quality.”

— Kumar Subramanian, CEO, MediaMelon

Renaissance Suite J


Jason Danielson

“Flash, disk and cloud storage are changing media infrastructures fast. Users have to think about their workflow and choose where to put their data. At NAB, we will be talking to customers about how NetApp All Flash FAS, EF-Series and SolidFire with larger flash drives reduce the cost of flash for video processing, business analytics and metadata handling. We’ll also showcase NetApp E-Series with dynamic disk pools, which can provide higher availability and greater consistent bandwidth for media production, archiving and distribution. NetApp StorageGRID Webscale object storage provides cloud storage on site and data mobility across sites for deep archives, and NetApp FAS and SolidFire in-cloud service offerings will let users leverage the elasticity of the cloud. All this, along with Avid edit workflows and Adobe editing in the cloud, will be on display in booth SL10110. We look forward to showing visitors how the NetApp portfolio improves storage reliability, lowers management costs and simplifies infrastructures.”

— Jason Danielson, Media and Entertainment Solutions Marketing, NetApp

Booth SL10110


Geir Bryn-Jensen

“It’s no secret that the prevailing trend in broadcast at the moment is the move from baseband to IP, specifically in live production. The really big development in the last few months is that the move to IP, which Nevion has been championing for years, is now gaining rapid momentum. There is a lot of work going on around standards and interoperability—for example with the AIMS organization, of which Nevion is a founding member. We are also seeing a lot of real, concrete projects. At NAB, we will certainly be sharing real, practical experience of how to move from baseband to IP. We will also be looking beyond towards virtualization.”

— Geir Bryn-Jensen, CEO, Nevion

Booth SU5510


Andrew Cross

“This NAB is one of the most exciting that we have ever had at NewTek. We are demonstrating our groundbreaking Network Device Interface (NDI), which has shown massive adoption even before its official launch. As a true end-to-end solution, NDI has already become the standard for live IP production that works today, on existing infrastructure. With over 100,000 NDI systems already in the field, and over 200 manufacturers already building products with it, NDI is rapidly becoming one of the key ways that video tools interoperate on IP. Maybe most importantly, we will be showing how this solution allows producers to use current technologies to build a true IP workflow that clearly illustrates the future of video production. All NewTek tools—production switching, replay, virtual sets, graphics systems and Skype video calling—seamlessly work together when connected to the same network. All of these tools working together is clearly an amazing feat, and is why At this NAB, we will help illustrate and shape the way live video is produced.”

— Andrew Cross, President and CTO, NewTek

Booth SL5817


Reed Haslam

“As broadcasters continue to be inundated with file-based assets, they need a video server that is smart, flexible and efficient. The latest version of our CloudNine video server goes beyond standard systems, providing scalable, affordable storage and advanced features such as network triggers, internal multiformat management, and multichannel playout to ensure crystal-clear on-air presentation for viewers and new levels of workflow efficiency for broadcasters.”

— Reed Haslam, Director of Sales and Marketing, NVerzion

Booth N3725

Osprey Video

“We’re seeing a substantial shift in the market toward IP-based video delivery, and that trend has us really excited about NAB this year. Everyone wants to be able to watch video over the web and OTT applications, and they have come to expect that video to have the same high quality as what they see on their televisions. This expectation of quality presents a huge advantage for Osprey Video because, in our 20-year history, we’ve built a reputation for flexible, reliable, high-quality video. That’s why many significant organizations rely on our products and support for their mission-critical video operations—and why we’re adding new customers weekly in a lot of really cool markets.

Scott Whitcomb

“We’ve begun to round out our product line with hardware and software encoders, as well as converters and source switchers, all designed to complement our renowned capture cards. We’re officially launching many of these products at NAB and anticipate that some very high-profile customers will come to Osprey as a result.

“We’ve also laid the groundwork for our custom OEM program, which will make it possible for a number of customers to integrate Osprey cards into their platforms at competitive prices without sacrificing quality.”

— Scott Whitcomb, Business Development Manager, Osprey Video

Booth SU14207


“With the adoption of 4K content alongside HD, and 8K UHD broadcast tests underway for the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics, the continued pressure applied to production teams is relentless. The need for increased throughput and capacity is testing the limits of existing HD infrastructure, and workflows are taking a hit. The next performance leap requires a different approach. Scale-out performance storage with parallel data access has arrived to meet that challenge. At NAB 2016, Panasas will introduce DirectFlow for Mac, the parallel-access data protocol designed by Panasas and delivered as part of the integrated performance scale-out NAS platform called ActiveStor. Building on the success of DirectFlow for Linux in high-performance computing, DirectFlow allows multiple compute clients to access an entire storage cluster in parallel, rather than restrict client I/O to a single node of a storage cluster. DirectFlow for Mac extends the performance benefits of parallel I/O over Ethernet to the Apple Mac platform and increases the throughput performance of all client applications accessing scale-out storage. Creative teams using DirectFlow for Mac with Panasas can look forward to increased productivity across many M&E applications.

David Sallak

“With DirectFlow for Mac, production teams are able to ingest, edit and distribute video in higher resolution and consolidate their workflows under a single global namespace – all while working alongside other platforms using traditional protocols and utilizing the latest Panasas data-protection techniques based on modern patented erasure-coding methods.”

— David Sallak, Vice President, Products and Solutions, Panasas

Booth SL11127

Pebble Broadcast Systems

Eric Openshaw

“As we head into another NAB, we’re excited to see that all the talk of video over IP and the cloud at previous shows is actually starting to bear fruit. We’ve heard from more and more customers that they’re interested in moving signals via IP connections for certain types of workflows, and when it comes to broadcast playout, it certainly makes sense for many scenarios. While our Dolphin channel-in-a-box systems have continued to find a home at the facilities of broadcasters and MSOs, the hot news this year is taking that same software and virtualizing it in the cloud. Our new Orca system will be making waves as we demonstrate completely virtual ‘channels-in-the-cloud.’ at our booth, N5323 in the North Hall. We’ll be showing how it’s possible to instantly provision as well as dismantle a playout channel using a cloud infrastructure. Organizations are taking a close look at the flexibility it affords them to be able to rapidly deploy channels on the fly for special events and similar on-demand broadcasts.” We’ve already sold our first Orca systems and are looking forward to discussing the myriad possibilities at NAB 2016!”

— Eric Openshaw, General Manager, Pebble Broadcast Systems

Booth N5323


David Schleifer

“The industry is always in transition, with new technologies and new requirements creating new challenges. Whether it is a push for virtual reality and 360° workflows or the adoption of 4K, we see a need to enhance our products to support new workflows. So, do you need to know more about the cloud? Is 4K in your future? Are you struggling with how to bridge your facilities? Visit us at NAB 2016 to see how Dynamic Media Management integrates what you have with what you need. Learn how to virtualize media so you can quickly automate, access and manage your content based on any criteria. Primestream’s FORK and Xchange software integrate capture, production, management and delivery of all of your assets for workflows as far-ranging as traditional broadcast to OTT. Whether you are trying to solve problems around I/O, logging, editing, control room playout, master control playout, social media publishing or archiving, Primestream can streamline your workflow. With a clear market trend toward file-based workflows, Xchange was developed to serve this need. When combined with the rest of the FORK suite of products, it seamlessly integrates existing signals-based infrastructures, giving customers a clear path as they evolve their workflows and facilities over time. Primestream’s proven solutions are implemented by some of the world’s leading broadcasters, uplink service providers, online digital media operations, corporations, and production/postproduction facilities—and are ideally suited for multi-site operations.”

— David Schleifer, Chief Operating Officer, Primestream

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Geoff Stedman

“The Quantum presence at the 2016 NAB Show will reflect our focus on simplification through technology integration. We are dedicated to helping customers deploy storage technology faster and in a more usable format so that they can accelerate their productivity and creativity. To this end, we have gone beyond making performance enhancements to our shared storage platform, also improving ease of use, simplifying management, and boosting integration to set a new standard for storage infrastructure.”

— Geoff Stedman, Senior Vice President, Scale-Out Storage Solutions, Quantum

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Rush Beesley

“The vertical acceleration of technology is impacting every sector of the industry when it comes to doing more with less. Reduction of manpower and increased reliability and functionality is possible by automating and streamlining user interfaces and workflow tasks. This is evident in station-in-a-box and production-studio-in-a-box solutions available and emerging from dozens of vendors. In almost every case it results in the ability for a single operator to run a multichannel TV station … or produce programming that once required 50-foot trucks and 12-person crews. Properly applied, technology translates to lower operating cost and higher return on investment. It’s truly a ‘more with less’ technology landscape.”

— Rush Beesley, President, RUSHWORKS

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Snell Advanced Media (SAM)

“We’re going to see a lot of talk about IP and 4K at NAB this year, that’s for sure: we’re seeing deployments beginning on both fronts. Our recent major 4K—and ultimately HDR—ecosystem sale to Rogers Media in Canada is a prime example. As shown by the Rogers deal, 4K is gathering momentum, major sports coverage taking the lead where it has obvious appeal. We also expect increased talk about HDR at NAB, which, when combined with 4K, offers very tangible benefits. Clearly we understand that neither 4K nor 4K with HDR is going to be rolled out universally tomorrow. But for some consumers, image quality is highly valued. 4K and HDR are ways that broadcasters, and OTT providers like Hulu, can gain a competitive advantage, similar to the way that BT Sport is pushing the market with its Ultra HD channel in the UK. Consumers are more in charge of driving the media landscape than ever before.

Tim Felstead

“Then there’s the move to IP on the playout and production side. This really is a fundamental shift and will also be debated heavily at NAB. We think it’ll become clear in next 12 to 18 months how far customers really want to push this. What’s obvious is that they want a lot more flexibility — indeed, they need a lot more technological flexibility than the industry has been able to provide in the past.

“We understand that capex is an issue for broadcasters; we expect that there’ll be increased talk about virtualization at the show, which can tilt the capex/opex situation favorably. The playout business is becoming software-driven generally and that increases the options for both manufactures and our customers.”

— Tim Felstead, Head of Product Marketing, SAM

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Barbara DeHart

“Each year, NAB is filled with buzzwords all designed to sell products with the promise of making things better, faster, cheaper. What’s your video over IP strategy? What about 4K and UHDTV? Are you monetizing your software-defined TV solution effectively? It’s no wonder customers get confused. At Telestream, we’ll focus on challenges that directly relate to attracting more viewers to the content our customers create and distribute. We want to see technology get out of the way, and our goal is to enable humans to do what they do best: be creative, not spend time on mundane tasks and processes. The more content our customers can get in front of viewers concurrently across all platforms, the better. To that end, We’re working on initiatives to make on-demand and OTT distribution of broadcasts available to audiences sooner than ever before. We’ll be showing how to make workflows not only more efficient but smarter, whether you’re streaming live from a high school football game or broadcasting the next big event to multiple platforms and devices around the world.”

— Barbara DeHart, Vice President of Marketing and Desktop Products, Telestream

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TVU Networks

“Given the industry’s movement from a hardware-based SDI environment toward a cloud-enabled IP infrastructure, we believe our technology stands in the sweet spot of what broadcasters are looking for at NAB this year. Our entire platform of video transmission solutions runs on simple, public IP connections and supports any IP video source. They’re designed for an operational model with technology-leading hardware and cloud-based software that incorporates easily into existing workflows.

Eric Chang

“With metadata embedded into all files and transmissions, our IP-based systems enable workflow automation. We believe the real impact of changing from SDI to IP is moving from a hardwired to a software-defined workflow for greater flexibility in managing video content.

“Our current lineup of video-over-IP solutions is designed to give broadcasters innovative, flexible and reliable tools to acquire live video content from anywhere and distribute it anywhere. In addition to new IP video solutions, updated versions of the following products will be highlights of our NAB booth: TVU Grid, an IP-based switching, routing and distribution video solution; the lightweight TVU One cellular live video transmitter; the fixed-mounted TVU MLink for ENG vans; the TVUMe online video content marketplace; and the TVU Anywhere app that turns an iPhone or Android device into a live video transmitter.”

— Eric Chang, Vice President of Marketing, TVU Networks

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Eli Garten

“Over the last few years, we have seen NAB transition from a product-intensive show to a solutions-based one. Customers are increasingly becoming solutions-driven, where they prefer one manufacturer to supply and support an end-to-end solution. In response to that trend, at this year’s NAB we will highlight our comprehensive IPTV Sports Venue Solution and IPTV House of Worship Solution. These streaming solutions enable customers to optimize their displays and IP infrastructure to provide an affordable and reliable solution that enriches audience engagement and creates additional revenue opportunities. Of course, we will also have our range of encoding and decoding appliances on display, including the MGW Ace, the industry’s first 100 percent hardware-based HEVC (H.265) portable device for encoding and streaming video, and the MGW D265, a portable HEVC IP decoder that, when paired with the MGW Ace, becomes an end-to-end, on-the-go streaming solution. for several markets such as broadcast, enterprise, and government. Finally, we will be showcasing the MGW Pico TOUGH, the world’s smallest, most power-efficient MIL-STD certified MPEG-4 H.264 HD/SD video encoder.”

— Eli Garten, Vice President Product Management, VITEC

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Wowza Media Systems

Chris Knowlton

“NAB will soon be upon us, and hot live-streaming trends such as virtual reality, 4K video, live broadcasting from mobile devices and over-the-top (OTT) content are gaining mainstream attraction and are guaranteed to be top of mind for attendees. Wowza Media Systems is helping shape these streaming innovations and will unveil product enhancements and partnerships at NAB that incorporate these dominant trends into the streaming workflow. With product updates to Wowza Streaming Engine software and the Wowza Streaming Cloud service, content producers and broadcasters will have access to a powerful, easy-to-use solution to deliver professional-grade live video and audio streaming. Wowza will also reveal partnerships with leaders in video and streaming technology to advance 4K content, virtual reality, 360° streaming, OTT, live mobile broadcasting and advanced workflows.”

— Chris Knowlton, Vice President and Streaming Media Evangelist, Wowza Media Systems

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Ray Thompson


“The biggest trends we’re seeing start with the migration of the market to viewing content on mobile platforms, which continues to grow at a fast pace. This creates operational challenges for broadcast and media and service providers, who need to deliver content to those customers while driving revenue through ads and subscription services. In addition to mobile platform solutions, I believe another NAB focus will be on live event broadcasting. That’s where Zixi comes in. As media companies move away from big iron to the cloud for end-to-end content delivery, Zixi enables error-free transmission of live SD/HD/UHD content over any distance from any device anywhere to any device anywhere over IP. This improves the quality of experience, which keeps viewers engaged, which creates new revenue opportunities. We’re excited to be at NAB, showcasing our platform and accompanying services to deliver the highest quality experience over IP.”

— Ray Thompson, Vice President Product Marketing, Zixi

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