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VR Can Put Millions of People in the Depths of the Oceans

2/01/2016 11:45 AM Eastern
From Alex McDowell and Bradley Newman's The Leviathan Project.

Production designer Alex McDowell (Minority Report, Fight Club) has turned his sights onto the brave new world of virtual reality, with a specific interest in bringing science-related projects to the medium. He was at Sundance's New Frontiers exhibit with The Leviathan Project, which recreated the flying whale research lab found in Scott Westerfeld's novel, Leviathan.

"There's a handful of people that can go down to two or three thousand feet in a submersible, but that's about it," McDowell tells Engadget. "In VR, we could put millions of people down in the depths of the oceans. And if you're giving them real-world, science-based data that's informing that world space, then they're getting that real knowledge in a way that's different than watching a documentary film."

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