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A Passion for Science and Filmmaking Collide in Transportive Space-Based VR Experience

3/16/2017 12:30 PM Eastern

Eliza McNitt's Fistful of Stars is a communal live VR experience that sends users on a journey to space while a live opera performance plays. The experience combines McNitt's background in science and film, two passions that she has melded together perfectly in virtual reality.

"I was going to study film because I wanted to create narratives about science through storytelling. I wanted to use these stories to make science something universal for everyone," McNitt explains to iQ by Intel about getting her film degree from NYU when she seemed headed for a career in science instead.

She adds of creating Fistful of Stars, which was developed with non-profit music venue National Sawdust, "I immediately suggested VR because it’s the only medium that can make you feel as if you’ve truly been transported to another world."

Fistful of Stars is currently screening at SXSW. Read the full story here.

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