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Underwater VR Experience Coming to L.A.'s Natural History Museum

Visitors can swim with a blue whale and interact with underwater creatures. 2/21/2017 4:45 PM Eastern

Wevr and the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles (NHMLA) are teaming up to bring visitors an unprecedented VR experience. An exclusive 6-minute supercut of Wevr's acclaimed VR series TheBlu will let users swim through a shipwreck, come eye-to-eye with a blue whale, interact with sea anemones and bioluminscent fish, and more.

“From someone who has done a lot of Scuba diving; it’s fantastic to see all those underwater creatures, and not to be underwater and cold. The experience is scientifically accurate and does a good job of replicating what it’s like underwater, all while you’re just standing there, warm and dry,” said NHMLA Fish Curator Chris Thacker to VRScout.

The experience was directed by Jake Rowell who has worked on VFX for Superman Returns, Call of Duty and more. The experience will be running at NHMLA from March 6th through April 28th.

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