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'The Mummy' VR Experience Puts You in the Middle of a Zero Gravity Action Sequence with Tom Cruise

3/17/2017 4:45 PM Eastern

A new VR experience from the upcoming The Mummy simulates zero gravity, shows Tom Cruise performing one of his own infamous stunts, and gives viewers a real taste of how hard the crew works to capture a big action sequence. The experience premiered at SXSW and features the new Positron Voyager chair, the first full motion chair designed for cinematic VR.

“When we found out Tom Cruise was going to do this stunt with his co-star Annabelle Wallis, we knew capturing it in 360° was a must,” said Leigh Godfrey, VP at Universal Pictures, to VRScout. “It provided us with a unique opportunity to showcase two things most people will never get to do: be in the middle of a film set watching Tom Cruise perform one of his huge stunts, and experience zero gravity."

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